New Year. New You? New Plans?

There is nothing like a new year to start with a clean slate. To reflect on the past and plan for the future. Now, to us, 2013 is just a number but it does afford us the opportunity to begin anew. I want 2013 to be your best year yet. A year for success and growth. A year of reaching goals and obtaining dreams. A year to be better than ever before.
We all have thoughts of what these changes should and will be and we all have stopped there – just thoughts. This time, let us go beyond that. Not only to think but put into action.
Before we can accurately determine what we need to do, we must first look back and ask this question of ourselves:

“What area in my _______________ could use some change?”
Fill in the blank. Business, lighting, marketing, posing, marriage, community, association, client interaction, service, church, etc. You get the idea.

This question may be easy to answer for some, and to others it will require much thought. For me, I know and have known, that I need to be better at stepping out of my comfort zone and take the initiative in my business. To lead and serve better, to follow through all the time and to realize that I am the only I one who can do that.

In the next few weeks I will continue with his train of thought and hope to provide you with practical, pertinent and positive applications to help all of us make this new year better than the last. So, where do we start?

For us, one of the best things we did was develop a mission statement. A statement of purpose that all other decisions should line up. A definition of what and how we do what we do, who we are and why we are that. A mission statement serves as an ‘out of bounds’ marker. It is the guide to know when to act and when to not. For myself, it was a realization, that not all opportunities are for me, my business or my family.
It simply states-

“To create something of value to serve someone else”

A mission statement should reflect your calling, include things you want and can do and include your values, passions and dreams.
What will your include? What will yours say about you, your business and your personality? Will it help you breath life into your business, relationships, education and yourself?
What ever you choose, you need to own it. Put it in writing, hang it on your mirror or wall. Add it to your website, business card, studio materials. There is something about putting it out there that provides us with great motivation, and motivation leads to action, action leads to results and results lead to success.

Happy Creating,

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