Learning by Listening


This post is a bit out of the norm for me, however, I do find it pertinent. Typically on this blog you will read about some lighting or design tip to help with your images. Perhaps it will be video tutorial using PS or LR. You may even find a testimonial or update about a coming event. Today, I want to share with you a resource I have known about for a while and have become an avid fan of– A Photo podcast, in particular, The Photo Tellers on the Fireside Network.


I first came across this as I was a guest on the show. My first thought was, okay, another podcast about photography, that is not new. I have done several of these so what is one more? However, this one was different. The flow was dynamic, the conversation organic and can you believe it, the host actually listened to me and moved the conversation in a way that made sense. It was not a formula, but a “real” conversation about photography. I was surprised and elated. Mr. Bill Ramsey, the host of the Photo Tellers, is an accomplished photographer himself and makes for a great radio host. Since my interview several months ago, I have become a dedicated hearer. Notice, I said “hearer”, not just a subscriber or listener. Listening is passive but to hear takes action, attention and focus. Just as Bill heard me and his other guests to make the show the best it can be, I too want to ‘hear’ what all these talented and knowledgeable artist have to say. I learned something through this process. One, that hearing and listening are not the same and that there is a wealth of knowledge out there. Some times it is a big chunk I need to digest, others it is a golden nugget that gets me to nod my head. Regardless of the size or the impact, it is learning. It is knowledge and wisdom, and isn’t that something worth hearing?

I encourage all of you to hop over to his website, hear a few episodes and decide. I’m pretty certain that you will be as encouraged as I am. To hear my interview with Bill, click here. Below are a few of my favorite episodes. Happy hearing, Cris.

Tim and Bev Walden

Laurie Rubin

Luke & David Edmonson 

Russ Harrington

Erin Babnik

Jeff Goins

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