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Many of you may know that my bride loves to run and participates in many races across the country. I have gone along with her to a few of them and must admit that they are very fun environments. It is clear to see that people like being around like-minded people. Well, one day I opened my mouth and said something to the effect “You know what would be cool, if there was a 5K at Imaging USA to raise money for PPA Charities”


Fast forward to now. There is. This year is the second annual “Super Hero for Smiles 5K” at Imaging USA. The race proceeds benefit PPA Charities which in turns gives monies to Operation Smile and Dando Amor, both which work with children in third world countries. You may be asking why I am blogging about this. Two reasons, well three. One, we believe in what PPA Charities is doing to help kids have a better life and want to help in any way we can. Two, my lovely bride is the race director and you all know, you have to support your girl. That leads to three, since this began Find Your Focus, has been an active sponsor of this event and PPA Charities. We believe we have a job to help shape and influence the world and show them value and love and photography gives us an excuse to do that.

So, will you please join us and the hundreds of other like-minded photographers and register for this 5K at Imaging USA? If you won’t be at Imaging, that is okay, you can sign up to do a virtual run and have all the goodies shipped to your door. Not only will you get an amazing t-shirt, a sweet medal and race bib you will make a child smile. Happy running.

To learn more and to register visit 

You can also hear my bride, Deanna, talk about this event, the importance of exercise and what it really means to be a Super Hero here. 

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