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CPP Fast Track Community


Get one-on-one mentoring as you navigate the CPP process.  Community features positive and pertinent coaching by CPP Instructor and Image Submission Judge, Cris j Duncan. This a place to pose questions and study with other candidates. Also included are 2 private one-on-one image critiques session to help you through the Image Submission Process when you select the yearly option. Critique sessions are recorded and then placed into a library within the community for you to review at any time. This community is reserved for those photographers who have declared their CPP candidacy with PPA and are in the process of obtaining the certification status.  This is an open, honest, encouraging and positive group to help each other for the benefit of the candidate and the craft. The CPP Mission statement is-- To acknowledge and validate a consistent standard by which professional photographers can achieve and maintain a recognizable mark of excellence.

Monthly options provide you an final cram or chance to share image submission images and get some constructive critique. (One month and three month option does not include a one-on-one session)

6 month and 12 month subscriptions include all the features plus 1 or 2 (receptively) one-on-one sessions.

Group is limited.

Tuition $299 Year-

Monthly options available

Online mentoring session - 1 hour

Exclusive online Google+ Hangout session with Cris and/or Dee for up to 2 people from the same studio. Sessions may be any topic and will be recorded so you can have access to content at any time. Use for image critique, post-production tips, lighting, marketing or more. Must have Google+ profile to participate. You have 3 months from date of purchase to complete your session.





Master on The Arcanum


If the idea of a small community of like-minded people, all learning and growing together, encouraging each other in a mentor-apprentice platform, then check out the Arcanum. There is no other online learning experience like it. Work one on one with a Master in a positive environment and grow in your craft.”

You are invited to join me in the Arcanum and be a part of my own Cohort (This is your group of apprentices, or students.) Unlike other online classes, groups or forums, the Arcanum is based upon a community of apprentices with one Master for a Sphere, as it is called, to be challenged, encouraged and given constructive feedback on their work by the Master. While this may not sound unique, it is. The key to this is that every one starts at the same level, the steps through sphere are the same for each apprentice, regardless of talent of skill sets. While some will compete levels at a greater pace and proficiency, all move through the same process. It is the Master that helps guide them through this process by providing challenges, assignments and one-on-one feedback session of images submitted. That means no longer are you posting images to a group and receiving comments from others that may or may not be relevant, you are receiving information from a source that knows you, your goals, the direction you want to go in your art. Tailored critique is critical to growth. Feedback with actionable items is vital. Belonging to an encouraging community is inspiring. It is being on a team and having a coach. The coach wants nothing but for his players to succeed and reach their full potential. That is what The Arcanum is offering, and just like a coach, a Master can pick his own team. What a concept. Develop a community that works well together for the benefit of the community. No more armchair quarterbacks, no more I’m better than you comments, no more trolls but rather artist helping artist for the sole benefit of helping themselves and the craft. I can’t begin to tell you how refreshing and exciting this is. As one who loves photography and loves giving back, this is a platform I believe in.


There are disciplines that range from portrait, food, product, landscape, travel, stock and the list goes on and on. While the Master chooses his/her apprentices, the student has they option to accept or decline the invitation. This is brilliant to me, learn from people who want to help you, be in a community of people like yourself. The culture of this platform is truly remarkable. I invite you to visit the website, discover the process and meet some of the best artist in the world. I am truly humbled to have been selected to be a part of this and hope you will join me in the Arcanum and complete your apprentice application today. It is FREE to sign up and once you are matched with a Master, you pay $79/month.

$79/mo The Arcanum Membership


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